Remote Educators

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Table of contents

Remote Educators - Starter pack


We gathered a mix of tools that can be used by remote educators. We included FOSS* and commercial tools, with emphasis on FOSS tools. 

They're grouped by typical remote educators' tasks. If you're a remote educator and looking for ideas on which tools can help you communicate with students and prepare / deliver learning content, please take a look at the following table:

VirtualEdu 3.3 Starter kit 4 Educators

*FOSS: Free/Open Source Software

Remote Educators - Course structure

E. M1: Introduction to remote education

E.M1.E1 Analysing advantages and challenges of various methods and types of remote education

E. M2: Remote education planning

E.M2.E1. Planning of teaching in virtual environment

E.M2.E2. Implementing blended learning models

E. M3: Digital skills and tools for remote education

E.M3.E1. Digital tools for learning content preparation

E.M3.E2. Digital tools for videoconferencing

E.M3.E3. Digital tools for communication and virtual collaboration

E.M3.E4. Learning management systems

E. M4: Interpersonal skills for remote education

E.M4.E1. Connecting with remote educators and students

E.M4.E2. Managing social isolation & digital alienation

E. M5: Assessment in remote education

E.M5.E1. Using digital technologies for formative and summative assessment