Remote Managers

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Table of contents

Remote Managers - Starter pack


We gathered a mix of tools that can be used by remote managers. We included FOSS* and commercial tools, with emphasis on FOSS tools. 

They're grouped by typical remote manager tasks. If you're a remote manager and looking for ideas on which tools can help you manage your remote team better, please take a look at the following table:

VirtualEdu 3.3 Starter kit - managers

*FOSS: Free/Open Source Software

Remote Managers - Course structure

M. M1: Organizational skills

M.M1.E1. Setting up and managing a remote organization and workplaces

M.M1.E2. Modelling, analysing optimizing remote processes

M. M2: Digital skills and tools for remote management

M.M2.E1. Dig. tools for planning and tracking tasks of remote educators/workers

M. M2.E2. Educating and upskilling remote educators/workers

M.M2.E3. Gamification of remote workplaces

M. M3: Interpersonal and intercultural communication skills

M.M3.E1. Intercultural communication

M. M4: Remote workers' well-being

M.M4.E1. Self-management, organization and well-being

M.M4.E2. Managing remote workers’ well-being

M. M5: Sustainability aspect of remote management

M.M5.E1. Sustainable remote work